Leadership, Career & Maternity Coach in London


Emma Thomson - Leadership, Career and Maternity Coach

My experience 

I am an Ashridge accredited coach with over 20 years of experience both as a management consultant and as a leadership development specialist in industry at a large telecommunications provider, where I have architected and delivered many programmes of large-scale organisational change and leadership development.  My experience working at a senior level in a fast paced, transformational environment really helps me relate to a wide range of individuals and I understand first hand the challenges and pressures that many face.  Because of this, I am truly passionate about harnessing the power of coaching to provide support and create successful and lasting change. 

In my career so far, the thing that I have always gained the most satisfaction from is the people I live and work with and helping them develop and grow as people. That is why I took the decision to become a full-time coach and I absolutely love it! For me, it is such a rewarding process to be able to work one-to-one with people from a variety of backgrounds and at many different stages in life. It’s so true that no two people are the same, and it is a huge privilege to have the opportunity to help individuals develop, grow and find the courage to make decisions that allow them to feel fulfilled and be successful at work and in life.

I am currently studying a Masters in Executive Coaching at Ashridge Hult Business School.  I am also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Human Resource Management.  

My background

I was born and raised in Scotland, but now live in London with my husband and two sons.  It goes without saying that I have first-hand experience of the many emotions and decisions that come with starting a family, juggling life as a parent whilst also pursuing a career.  It’s a path that has not always been easy, and continues to pose challenges as the children grow and have different needs from me and my husband as parents.   For me personally, coaching has been, and continues to be, hugely useful in working out how to balance life and find the confidence to pursue my goals.  If you would like to know more about what I have personally learned from my own experience being coached, check out my blog here

What is it like working with me?  

I thrive on working with individual clients, helping them to unlock and understand what is really going on for them and I do this in a supportive way by listening non-judgementally.  At times, I will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone, but I think this is a critical part of the process of learning more about yourself, something which is really important in building new skills and making decisions about the direction you would like life to take.  I am a very practical and tenacious person and I have a straight-talking approach but I also bring humour into the coaching room.  Having said that, we will always take things at your pace and in your way, after all, coaching is about you, not me.  

More than anything, my hope is that you will enjoy your coaching experience with me.  Yes, there may be times when it feels a bit uncomfortable, but overall I hope you will walk away feeling that you have learned more about yourself. I also hope you will end up with a plan, or a new set of skills, that you can commit to, make happen and that will ultimately bring results, and give you greater confidence and happiness in the process.