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Welcome to From Baby To Boardroom

23rd January 2018 by Emma Thomson

“You can, you should, and if you are brave enough to start, you will” 

Stephen King


Hi and welcome to my new blog.  I’m Emma and I am a leadership (what some people call executive) and career coach, working with both women and men. I am also a Mum of two boys, trying to juggle growing a business with school runs and homework.

I have a couple of ideas for this blog.  The first will be to share with you my thoughts and tips about both leadership and career development, and the power of coaching.  The second will be a more personal perspective on my career journey - the highlights and challenges.

Why From Baby to Boardroom?

These days, the concept of the “boardroom” can mean many things to many different people.  As you can see, Emma Thomson HQ is run from my kitchen, something that will be familiar to any of you who run your own business or are part of the ever growing gig economy and flexible working community.  For others, your career aspirations may lie in the more traditional route of a seat round the board table of a large corporate.  Whatever your career dreams are, what I am truly passionate about is helping women (and men) to find a way to either keep working and progressing their career, or get back to work after having a family.  For many this can be a huge challenge.  

Anything is possible

For both women and men, life changes dramatically after having children, it certainly did for me when all the career dreams I had been nurturing for years suddenly got turned upside down.  My hope is that by candidly sharing my experiences, the highs, lows and on-going vulnerabilities, I can help my readers to see that anything is possibleEven though there will always be bumps in the road, they are bumps that most of us experience at some point or another, but they shouldn’t be a reason not to give something a try.  

You always have options and there are always people who have experienced the same doubts or obstacles and found a way to overcome them. 

I would love to inspire you…. 

….to take that next step in your career and I hope by sharing my experiences, you might read something that resonates with you.

So, I hope you enjoy reading and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.