Leadership, Career & Maternity Coach in London

Maternity Coaching

Having children is probably one of the most exciting, rewarding, emotional and stressful experiences in equal measure.  It is one of the times in your life where you will go through true life change and for many people, both women and men, that change can be a huge challenge to reconcile with your career.  These days, having children usually coincides with a time in your life when you are making real traction in your career, and it can be very hard to know how best to navigate and adapt to everything that parenthood throws at you.

I offer coaching for women who are in the midst of becoming a mother and are keen to make sure they have a plan for their maternity leave period and for the time that follows.  I can support you:

Before your child arrives 

There is always a lot to consider and plan for in the run up to your maternity leave.  How do you effectively manage expectations with your employer about your plans for returning to work?  How can you best handle conversations about potential changes in working patterns? How would you like to keep in contact with your employer whilst you are on leave?  How can you leave things in good shape, making a lasting impact? 

During your maternity leave period

I can provide you with support if you find you feel differently about what you had planned once your child arrives, something which often happens.  I can also work with you to mentally, emotionally and physically prepare for your return to work.

After your return

I can support you during those first months when you may experience a lack of confidence and ultimately help you make a career plan for the longer term.

For you as an individual, a programme of coaching during this time can really support you and give you the time and space to think through your worries and the “unknowns” that inevitably come with change of this scale, but can also be helpful in supporting you to become successful as a mum with a career.

Maternity Coaching for Businesses

For businesses, maternity coaching can be an extremely powerful tool in supporting and retaining your female talent.  Women often appreciate an impartial party at this time, who can help them through this period of change and who will work with them non-judgementally and objectively, at a time when they have a lot of get their head around, and are often concerned about how they may be perceived at work during this period when they are changing physically and emotionally.