Leadership, Career & Maternity Coach in London


Working with Emma has been a brilliant experience.  We began working together whilst I was in the process of setting up a new business.  I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but was finding it difficult to even know where to being.  To start with Emma guided me some useful exercises to help me focus and reduce the overwhelm before helping me look at my offer, and even helping me with work/life balance.  Emma offers clear guidance and support which is invaluable when you are working by yourself and although our sessions have now finished I have no doubt we will work together again in the future.  Thanks for everything Emma.

You can check out more about the brilliant work Bev does as https://www.vivaladata.co.uk

Bev Costoya

I really enjoyed my session with Emma. I got a lot out of it. From the moment we spoke she was very focused and tuned in to what I was trying to achieve. She’s genuinely passionate about coaching and that provides a great atmosphere to delve into topics and ideas that I was working with. Emma’s sense of intuition is spot on and I quickly found myself going quite deeply into areas I’m working on. It was a very productive use of time. Emma herself is very personable and friendly which helps when talking around sensitive issues. I definitely made a big step forward with my decision making process with Emma so for that I’m incredibly grateful.

Antonia, Surrey

I found it very useful to speak to someone objectively and you gave me some very useful ideas. After I left my session with you I had a good think and realised that I would rather build my own business than work for someone else, so that is definitely something to get working on!

Anna, Content Strategist and Online Presence Consultant, Warwickshire

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your coaching support.  It was so useful to have your help to guide my thinking around my brand, values and how I want my business to grow.  It was also just invaluable to have someone to listen!  You gave me a boost to my confidence when I needed it - thank you.  I am very inspired by what you are doing with your business and have no doubt it's going to continue to go from strength to strength as you are a wonderful coach and an awesome example of how to balance it all.

Sarah, Business Owner, London

Yesterday I had a great coaching session with the lovely Emma Thomson.  We talked through issues that may be affecting my confidence and I left with a spring in my step as I now have areas to work on to get myself back on track.  I'm loving having someone who can offer guidance, support (and a little hand holding), we all need this at times after all.  I cannot recommend Emma enough, thank you Emma!!

Louise, Business Owner, London

Thank you very much for today's session.  I am very happy and 200% sure you are exactly the person to help me with my career

Mila, London

I felt that I was heard, understood and respected in our coaching relationship.  Emma is a great listenener and at times I felt that I had to work harder than I expected.  However, through our coaching, I was able to identify unexpected areas of learning, that I could practically action back at work.  

Hannah, London

12 months ago I was a management consultant, working full time, advising big corporates as I had been for the best part of 20 years.  I then made the decision to go freelance. It felt like the right time with both children at school but it still took some serious getting used to.

Through a series of relatively short conversations, Emma helped me to get my mind around the more daunting aspects of that phase. She helped me to think through the strongest aspects of my consulting offer so that I could specialise and offer value to clients in shorter amounts of time (since I had less available).  Through our conversations, I was also able to unhook from the traditional sense of career success. We moved away from performance ratings, promotions, salaries towards a more balanced scorecard including time with my kids, exciting client work, and an opportunity to build a portfolio career. Working alone out in the market, the fear of failure inevitably creeps in and Emma had tips and tricks to control that.

Emma's approach is very natural.  She could relate to a lot of my experiences which was helpful, and there were countless ‘penny dropping’ moments in the sessions - I’m not sure how she did that!

Anna-Lisa, London

I found my coaching with Emma incredibly powerful and thought provoking. Through the coaching sessions, I was able to identify and explore the things that were holding me back, and to work through techniques that I could practice to improve. This was very effective, and the continuity that Emma brought across the coaching sessions meant that I could break through barriers and quickly unlock new opportunities!

Matt, London