Leadership, Career & Maternity Coach in London

What to Expect

Everyone’s experience of coaching is different, and no two people will ever go through the coaching process in the same way, which is one of the things that makes coaching so rewarding for the individual - it is completely tailored to you and what you would like to get out of it.  When else do you have the opportunity to sit, talk and reflect about what is on your mind, without judgement and with no-one else’s agenda?  Nevertheless, there are a couple of standard elements to expect about the process.   Here are the answers to some questions that I am usually asked.

How do I know if you are the right coach for me?

I always offer an initial complimentary exploratory session.  This allows you to get a feel for my style, for me to understand a bit more about your expectations from coaching and for us both to feel comfortable that we will work well together.  Click here to book your complimentary session now.

What happens once we have agreed to work together?

Once we have agreed to work together, we can finalise the number of sessions required, where we will meet and fees.  

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

I have a number of locations where I coach in central London, or at my office in Wandsworth, south-west London.  I also coach some clients remotely by video conference.  For more details about options, cost and location, please contact me here.

How long is each session?

I usually recommend sessions of 1.5 hours, although this may not work for everyone and we can discuss your requirements when we meet initially.

How long will there be between sessions?

I normally recommend we meet every 4 to 6 weeks.  This allows enough time for you to reflect after we have met, process what we discussed and maybe try some things out.  Again, everyone has different requirements and we can discuss how frequently we meet at our first session.

Will I have work to do before and after sessions?

I may suggest an exercise to do between sessions to help develop your thinking, or we may agree an “experiment” for you to try out between sessions again to help with your development.  This is your coaching, so the amount of time you choose to spend reflecting on what we discuss in our sessions is completely up to you, but as with most things in life, the more you put in to the process, the more you will ultimately get out of it.

How long will our coaching last?

Again, we will agree how many sessions will be appropriate when we first meet.  It will vary depending on what your specific needs are.

Is coaching confidential?

You can always expect complete confidentiality from me, and my adherence to the Ashridge Code of Ethics and Conduct for Coaches.  I am also completely committed to continual self-development and regular supervision of my coaching practice. 

How much does coaching cost?

We can discuss my fees during our initial meeting once I understand what your requirements are.  If you would like any more information on what fees you might typically expect, please contact me here.